A call for African women worldwide

My name is Valerie Aoulou. This site is in memory of both my mother and sister: Marie Antoinette & Danielle Aoulou. This is also an attempt to carry on a part of my mum job which was to encourage the development of women through a television programme. I was born in 1977 and come from the Ivory Coast, very peaceful and fourishing country in west Africa up to 2001 where a military coup and unstability changed everything. I am currently living in the UK and have decided to create this site following my personal lost. Somehow, I felt It was time to put my ideas in practice.

This site draws portraits for both my late mother and sister. It is also an awakening call for African and all Women worldwide to connect through their keyboard and interact to find out more about themselves in society today and all the basic things that are still denied to some of us: Education, Respect, right to choose, freedom of speech, etc
This was started by my mother in her job as a journalist and reporter for the development of women and by the way my sister lived her life.
I am aiming to hve a list of members thorugh this website and the ability to influence decision about women conditions worldwide by signing nd sending petitions to relevant bodies.

“In Memory of You Maman”
I hate the way I am feeling right now
I am so empty and low
My head is filled up with memories
I want to scream but my voice is gone
I just want to see her again

No I do not want to cry cry
All I want you to know is that I LOVE YOU SO MUCH

As usual it is too late
You loved me though I gave you grief
I could never say how grateful I am
Worst never to show you how much you counted

The best gift is priceless
My children will know you as I did
You will always dwell in us

“In memory of You Danielle”

Your light went off four years ago
You were my big sister
We had our good times and our bad times
You never ever failed to love me though
How near or far you always cared
Nothing in what you were or did will ever shame me
My heart bled the day you left
I was already so faraway from you
Your sudden departure did not shorten the distance
I know I will see you again
I need to become an angel though first
Cause that is exactly what you are now
I love you and I miss you porno